Cyber-Tech Logo History

Design Year: 1982

The introduction of our corporate logo was designed in 1982 when Cyber-Tech, Inc. was founded in Portland, Oregon. The logo communicated our "Commitment to Quality Excellence" for design, production and after sales customer service to all our customers'.

Design Year: 1987

A new logo featuring the "Handy-Grip®" control line for electro-hydraulic equipment was designed in 1987.

Design Year: 1991

We recognized a growing desire for a more technological image in the early ninety's. In response we slightly modernized our current "Handy-Grip®" logo in 1991 to compliment the previous.

Design Year: 1995

In 1995 we changed the general look of our logo to place emphasis and attention on our web page while portraying an overall high-tech presence.

Design Year: 2000

In early 2000 our global presence had become heavily recognized along with our "Commitment to Quality Excellence" and pursuit to become the best control manufacture worldwide. Our evolution into this design was merely a reflection of our growth.

Design Year: 2005

Breathing new life into an old concept we decided to resuscitate our 1995 design and incorporate this slight variation into some of our current literature and promotional materials.

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