Oris Logo History

In 1914, the logo in the form of OWC in a circle appears in various documents including letterheads and leaflets. OWC is also used on the collection of Oris brands at that time, such as Oris, Siro and Virtus. As from 1928, the Oris manikin appears. In 1936 the Oris logo appears, with the O of Oris turned into a watch component. The use of a pinion in the 1940s highlights the fact that Oris is a manufacturer and produces its own regulating movements. This escutcheon is then updated several times. The wheels and pinions disappear, the text runs diagonally across the shield, and the font is modernised. However, from 1936 to 1975 consistent colours are used, red, blue, and gold. From 1985 onwards the escutcheon is used only in black and white and a consistent font is used.
Henceforth the escutcheon is integrated into the Oris logo, which also contains a slogan alluding to the proud history of the company.

1928: Oris Logo with manikin

1931: Oris Logo

1936: Oris Logo

1940: Oris Logo

1951: Oris Logo

1960: Oris Logo

1979: Oris Logo

1985: Oris Logo

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