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StarHub Logo

The StarHub identity is an expression of our intention to be a proactively innovative company. We want to do things differently, to enhance customer choices for info-communications services and therefore, their quality of life.

We recognise that the world in which we live in is changing rapidly, and in order to enable our customers to get the most out of life and their choice of communications services, StarHub will have to explore new horizons and broaden our perspective.

Our visual identity is a positive expression of this goal. It recognises people as individuals and that everyone has the power to change for the better. It is confident, forward-looking and dynamic as expressed by the vibrant colours. The transition from Blue to Green, emphasizes the transformation that we want to bring to people’s lives through innovative and integrated info-communications solutions.

StarHub’s corporate logo embodies the essence of a Chinese proverb which when translated means “green is derived from blue and green will become more brilliant than blue”; in short, the pupil shall surpass the teacher. Like the star depicted in its corporate identity, StarHub will adopt a dynamic and forward-looking stance, poised to transform the industry landscape and service mindset in a brand new way.

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