Braun Logo History

1935 marks the birth of the Braun brand. The company logo already takes on its familiar form with the raised letter “A”. For his pioneering work Braun receives the award “For special achievements in phonography” at the 1937 Worlds Fair in Paris. In 1938, 1000 people are on the Braun payroll.

Braun – A “Brand of the Century”

Braun recognized by German brand experts for its long-term success.

They give us smooth, attractive skin, make our lives easier and more pleasant, and inject some style and aesthetics into our daily routine. Braun products, whether shavers, coffee machines or epilators, boast premium design, longevity and innovative features - and it is hard to imagine life without them! Founded in 1921, Braun has consistently raised the standards in its product categories. To name but one of the best examples, Braun has been a leader in dry shaving since 1950. Thanks to the sixtant at first, then to the groundbreaking Syncro, and now to the brand-new Pulsonic, Braun has not only been giving men an ever-closer shave, but has even become synonymous with the actual shaver in many countries around the world.

This success story obviously had to be included in the newly published “German Standards 2007,” which pays homage to those “Brands of the Century” that originated in Germany. More than 275 brands tell the tale of their personal rise to fame. Braun’s current top-of-the-line shaver, the Pulsonic, represents the brand’s product palette and exemplifies its core strengths - exceptional quality, design and innovation, as well as a true commitment to making the products’ use more enjoyable.

The publisher of “German Standards,” Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, who heads up one of Germany’s best-known publishing houses, selected the “Brands of the Century” along with an eminent panel of experts. These included the Jean-Remy von Matt, one of leading German top creatives, University of Cologne marketing professor Heribert Meffert, PhD, and Antonella Mei-Pochtler, PhD, who heads up The Boston Consulting Group’s European marketing activities, based in Vienna. The winning brands were chosen using criteria that define a brand’s success - they are known across the globe, enjoy commercial success and stand for quality made in Germany

The Braun brand can be proud of a long, successful history that dates back to the 1940s, when the company’s founder Max Braun was working on his first foil shaver prototype. In 1950, he launched the first Braun shaver, the S50, which was followed in the early 60s by the sixtant. The new shaver’s improved shaving results and revolutionary design paved the way for the development of dry shavers - a milestone in the age-old history of shaving. Now, almost 60 years after Braun’s promising initial foray into the shaving market, the cutting-edge Pulsonic is making waves in the marketplace with its innovative sonic technology and optimised foil shaving system. Once again, the bar has been raised for an even closer, more comfortable shave.

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