AMD History

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is an American based company operating out of Sunnyvale, California. The company, which has now spanned three decades, first began operation in 1969.

The company has specialized in developing products such as computer processors, microprocessors and motherboard chipsets. They also have graphics processors, and embedded processors that are required for all types of computer systems such as business and personal computers, handheld devices and game consoles.

AMD, founded by Jerry Sanders and Edwin Turney has grown to become the second largest global supplier of microprocessors and the third largest supplier of the world’s graphics processing units. The company began its impressive rise as the producer of logic chips. The year 1975 proved to be quite productive in that the company began to produce RAM chips, introduced a clone of the Intel 8080 microprocessor, designed bit slice processors elements and attempted the diversification into audio devices and graphics.

The ‘80’s proved to be quite an impressive decade in the history of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. In 1984 AMD was considered listed as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in the U.S”. And in 1985 it was listed for the first time as a Fortune 500 company. In 1986, due to AMD’s quality and innovation, the company secured a major manufacturing contract with Commodore Business Machines agreeing to supply 7000 chips a week. The year 1987 found the company entering the programmable logic business when they acquired Monolithic Memories, Inc.

AMD announced a merger with ATI Technologies in 2006, which brought together the supplier of microprocessors and the company that released the first 3D graphic chip. They were the first company to release products supporting the Accelerated Graphics Port and in 1998 ATI had shipped ten million AGP chips.

After the merger, AMD began to restructure some of the combined products. Products such as the Imageon, which is for handheld devices and mobile phones and the Xilleon, which is for digital television sets, were rebranded with the AMD brand. However, some products such as chipsets used for Intel processors and a Radeon graphics line retained the ATI brand.

The main focus of the company has always been marked by their commitment to finding new and innovative products that are truly beneficial to the people who use them. It has always been about the customer, the customer needs are always placed above the growth of technology strictly for the sake of technology. Of course, it does not hurt that the new technology they are developing is growing by leaps and bounds and providing the customer with computer graphics and systems that are getting better and running faster all the time. The focus on customer satisfaction is just one of the factors which has helped AMD to be the mainstay in global technology.

While the company does not choose to divulge information about any new products of plans, it does continue to host the annual Technology Analyst Days. The event, which is held mid year is focused on upcoming trends in technologies. They also have an end of the year event called Financial Analyst Day, which is devoted to discussing how well the company performed financially the previous year. And they also support publications and newsletters related to processors and other business solutions. Advanced Micro Devices has been and continues to be a successful, innovative company contributing much to the international world of technology.

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