Enterprise Rent A Car Logo History

Enterprise Logo Evolution.

At its 50th anniversary industry leader Enterprise Rent-A-Car has begun rolling out a fresh new look for its logo and trade dress,accompanied by a brand architecture that gives a more distinct brand identity to the company’s other growth businesses beyond car rental.

“Our existing mark has excellent consumer awareness, but at the same time we know we need to reflect changing times and tastes,” said Steve Smith, Enterprise’s vice president of marketing communications. “This evolution of our logo respects the strong equity and heritage of the Enterprise brand, while at the same time giving it a cleaner, bolder, more contemporary look. The ‘Enterprise’ name is also 20 percent larger in this new treatment, providing greater visibility and consumer recognition. That’s especially important as we continue to open branches in more visible locations.”

Smith noted that the most significant change from the existing logo system is its stand-alone use of the Enterprise name in some applications. “That’s in part a reflection of the powerful awareness we’ve already built in consumers’ minds,” he said. “Today, when consumers see the ‘Enterprise’ name – without the ‘Rent-A-Car’ – they know it is Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We believe this new look will really connect with consumers and strengthen their awareness even further.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Logo and Trade Dress – Add one

The new brand architecture, Smith said, also addresses the growth and importance of such Enterprise operations as Fleet Management (formerly Fleet Services), Car Sales and Commercial

Truck Rental. These businesses will be able to attach their divisional names directly to the “Enterprise” logo, giving them a more distinct brand identity under the Enterprise corporate

“We’re taking an approach that provides greater brand clarity for our non-rental business activities,” said Smith. “This reinforces the fact that our Fleet Management operation – which has a fleet of more than 170,000 cars and is our company’s original business – continues to be a great source of growth. So does our Car Sales operation, which has grown to more than 175locations and sold some 65,000 cars directly to consumers last year. Then there’s our Commercial Truck Rental division that’s grown to 110 locations in 23 states after nearly eight
years of operation.”

The updated logo and accompanying changes in signage, counter treatments, truck and shuttle bus paint schemes, and other trade dress elements will be phased in over the next three years, appearing first at new Enterprise locations and branches undergoing renovation.

The logo was developed internally by Enterprise, with assistance from Monigle Associates of Denver. This represents the seventh “evolution” of the company’s mark since it was founded as Executive Leasing Company in 1957. The last change was made in the mid-1990s.

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