Jeep Logo History

The first production Jeep made its original debut in 1941 for military duty. Jeep vehicles have later on built their reputation as the world's benchmark for off-road versatility and capability for military and civilian vehicles. The current Jeep logo is a representation of the front of the vehicle. The logo comprises two circles representing the vertical bars and headlights symbolizing the grille in the front of the Wrangler, the icon of the Jeep brand. The closest resemblance to a logo came out in 1963 in the center of Wagoneer and Gladiator steering and hubcaps wheels. This logo comprised a circle with two red quarters, two gold quarters, and the word "Jeep" across the middle. The origin of the term "jeep" remains a mystery. Popular opinion deems that Jeep comes from "GP" which stands for General Purpose; another theory holds that the origin is a reference to a character from Popeye. An interesting thing about the Jeep logo is that it never appears on the car itself. The vehicle just has the "Jeep" name on it. The logo design is mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes.
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