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ImageThe Hard Rock Cafe is a popular restaurant chain in the United States and now across the world. The original Hard Rock cafe was started in London  back in 1971 by two Americans. They wanted to open up a restaurant that served American food. They began to cover the restaurant with Rock memorabilia in 1979. The opened their first US restaurant in Los Angeles in 1982.  
Hard Rock has a number of different logos for each of their other businesses. The logos for each of the business lines is really a derivative of the base logo. The logo itself is pretty simple. Its the text "Hard Rock" engraved on top of a circle. There are some interesting theories on how the Hard Rock name itself came about.
  1. It was the name of the café depicted on The Doors’ album Morrison Hotel.
  2. It was part of founder Isaac Tigrett’s favorite parable: “We are all born into this world with a big boulder on our shoulder. Every day we chip at it until, at the end of our lives, all that is left is a small hard rock that makes up you!”
  3. A similar name, Bedrock Café, appeared on one of Tigrett’s favorite cartoons—The Flintstones.

ImageHard Rock Logo 
ImageHard Rock Cafe Logo
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