Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) Logo History

"One Green Leaf of Hope” symbolizes the spirit and purpose of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada.

Green is the colour of hope,
Leaf is a confirmation of growth and represents life and future,
Hope has been referred to by many authors and poets as:
“Desire and expectation rolled into one” (Ambroise Bierce)
“The parent of faith” (C.A. Bartol)
“The dream of those that wake” (Prior)
“One Green Leaf of Hope” in word and design is taken from the “Book of Martyrs” and is described below.

In 1555, two Bishops, Latimer and Ridley, were burned at the stake for their beliefs under the reign of Queen Mary I. Popular feeling however, ran high for these men who were willing to die for their faith. Even one of the magistrates who condemned them echoed this popular feeling in stating that the accused would not have acted as they did had they been able to see One Green Leaf of Hope.

In saying so, the Magistrate spoke of all men oppressed by bigotry, ignorance and uncaring. It is in this spirit of determination that the Foundation holds out to those affected by Tourette Syndrome “One Green Leaf of Hope.”

1995, the Board of Directors commissioned a graphic artist to design a new logo for the Foundation. This new logo was to incorporate the guiding principals set out by our Founders yet be reflective of our new direction. The colour green was retained by the artist; the sunshine was used to signify “a ray of hope”, and the acronym TS stands for the initials of Tourette Syndrome. It was thought that the acronym would become as common as the one used by the MS Society to describe Multiple Sclerosis, and lessen the stigma. This logo has since been filed legally as a service mark (trade-mark) to protect its use.

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