Credit Suisse Logo History

Credit Suisse innovation is rooted in tradition. Since 1856, Credit Suisse has been offering professional services, assembling expertise, and employing highly qualified employees. The company has grown steadily by continuously expanding its sphere of activities, opening new branches, and carrying out fusions and acquisitions.
Taking this approach throughout the past 150 years has made Credit Suisse a strong company that offers an ever-widening range of services to a growing number of clients.

Founding of the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA) in Zurich

New logo for SKA, depicting a coin

The First of Boston Corporation is established as a subsidiary of The First National Bank of Boston. In 1934, The First Boston Corporation goes public.

First foreign branch of SKA (New York), new logo

For the first time, the SKA logo comprises the bank's name together with an image. The anchor symbolizes trust.

The famed Wermelinger cross is introduced as the logo. It was selected as the winner of a widely held logo competition.

The red, white, and blue logo is introduced. The first collaboration between SKA and the First Boston Corporation follows two years later.

SKA takes on a majority holding in the First Boston Corporation

Takeover of Volksbank

CS Holding becomes Credit Suisse Group, holding company of Credit Suisse and Credit Suisse First Boston

Merger with Winterthur

Start of Credit Suisse as an integrated, global bank

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