History of Spiderman Logo

In the world of fantasized comic heroes, Spiderman acquires a significant position. The Spiderman logo plays a prominent role among other comic characters such as Batman, Superman and Fantastic Four. Today the Spiderman logo is adapted by tattoos, jewelry, wallpapers, posters and other accessories. The character began its journey as a comic hero in 1962, created by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. The Spiderman logo was designed by Stan Lee himself, as well as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Today Spiderman logo has proven itself to hold a renowned image all over the world, due to electronic media which has given a new beginning and identity to the comic hero. It is an exclusive inspiration to the youth mainly the younger children who are fantasized by its appearance as a character that clings on the walls, generates spider webs and above all, saves the world. The Spiderman logo formulated itself from a black color in the comic series, later turned into brownish black color in motion pictures and the final logo is a silverish, metallic black.

Design Elements of the Spiderman logo:

Spiderman logo covers the entire chest of the super hero, and becomes visible every time the hero tears apart his shirt to save the world. The logo appears as an influential design as well as shows a sense of dignity and responsibility bestowed upon the shoulders of the Spiderman.

Shape of the Spiderman logo:

The shape of the Spiderman’s logo features a spider, behind which is a strong background of the web symbolizing the Spiderman’s power, speed, agility and supernatural strength.

Color of the Spiderman’s logo:

The color of the Spiderman logo is mainly with a red background signifying the ever-alert nature the super hero needs to have. Similarly, the silverfish grey color of the spider adds to the elegance of the personality.

Fonts of the Spiderman logo:

Rarely present, the fonts of the Spiderman logo are plain and italicized. The motion pictures have the fonts slightly showing the attitude of the Spiderman and maintaining the individuality side by side.

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