Deutsche Bank Logo History

There have only been a few symbols and trademarks throughout Deutsche Bank’s history.

The development of the Deutsche Bank logo

As early as the 1970‘s, Deutsche Bank recognized that a prominent, unmistakable appearance is of particular importance for an institution such as the Deutsche Bank.

The banking business was even then an extraordinarily dynamic market undergoing constant change. The extended service palette, the introduction of modern techniques in the banking business and the increasing globalisation should therefore also influence a modern company logo. It was also common knowledge that the range of services for the client differed only slightly from other credit institutions. The goal was to achieve the desired differentiation from the competition with the implementation of a new visual appearance.

In July 1972, eight notable graphic artists were commissioned to create a new logo for Deutsche Bank.This logo should be able to unmistakably represent the company.

From a choice of several brand designs, Deutsche Bank decided upon a symbol created by the now deceased painter and graphic artist from Stuttgart, Anton Stankowski; the “slash in a square” as the construction was described.

The Logo fulfils all aspects of the quality criteria required for a good brand:

With a simple yet striking form, the symbol has a high attention-provoking and recognition value.
The logo supports the identity of Deutsche Bank:
– the “slash” stands for consistent growth and dynamic development
– the square-shaped frame can be interpreted as a sign of security and a controlled environment.

In summary, the logo square stands for consistent growth in a secured environment.
  • It is striking and unmistakable as well as timeless and thus free of any fashionable accent.
  • It can be applied almost without restrictions and can be implemented in all media.
  • The logo can be clearly recognised when reduced in size and at great distances.

The combination of the company name Deutsche Bank and the square-shaped company logo as a whole constitute since 1974 the Deutsche Bank brand.
The proportions of each element are strictly defined. The logo is set in the timeless and legible typeface “Univers”. The whole logo is set in Deutsche Bank Blue, which significantly contributes to the recognition of the brand.

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