Hyundai Logo History

The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean company fabricating automobiles. Their vehicles are available in many countries around the globe. In 2003 HMC was the world's seventh largest car manufacturer and South Korea's largest car manufacturer. The founder of the company is Chung Ju-yung, who established the Hyundai Motor 1947. HMC was founded later in 1967. The company began to manufacture models with its own technology in 1988. Hyundai cars are often perceived as unreliable, undrivable and low-end cars, due to their build quality. Hyundai Motor Group, began investing heavily in the manufacturing, design, quality and long-run research of its cars starting in 1998, in an attempt to establish itself as a reliable brand. Hyundai is now one of the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. The Hyundai logo appears to be an oval shaped H (symbolizing the company itself). The ellipse outline indicates the company's global expansion and the stylized, slanted 'H' is symbolic of two people (customer and company) shaking hands. The colour of the logo is called HMC Blue. Other colours also used for the Hyunday logo include HMC Gold, HMC Silver, HMC Dark Gray and HMC Light Gray.
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