Obey Giant Logo History

The world renowned artist Shepard Fairey is a contemporary illustrator/designer who emerged from the skating scene. He is mostly known for creating the "André the Giant Has a Posse" street campaign which later on developed semantically and stylistically into the Obey Giant Movement. The concept of the campaign was to create an "experiment in phenomenology". Shepard Fairey created an iconic image of the wrestler's face to complement the iconic branding OBEY. Fairey used the "OBEY" slogan as a direct homage brought to the slogans found in John Carpenter's cult classic film, They Live. The OBEY movement attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question their relationship with the environment. The Obey Giant campaign calls on its followers to plaster the public surfaces of public places with cryptic posters and stickers bearing the OBEY GIANT logo. OBEY Giant has become widely known through murals, stencil, and large posters, spreading over public spaces from street sign backs and abandoned building faces to commercial spaces such as bus stop posters and billboards. Today, the popular Obey Giant logo design continues to be reproduced on a wide variety of products ranging from home accessories and decor to clothing, substantially extending the impact of the OBEY campaign through iconology based on an allegiance to media and popular culture.
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