Denver Nuggets Logo History

Image The Denver Nuggets are one of the teams in the Western Conference of the NBA. The team has generally had a mediocre record over the last few years although the current team seems to be fairly strong. The team was originally called the Denver Rockets, after the Rocket Trucking Company, the then owner of the team. The team had to find a new name when they moved to the NBA in 1974. The name Nuggets emerged as the winning name.
The Nuggets logo A blue snowcapped mountain peak over Nuggets script in yellow.  
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Denver Nuggets 49-50
Denver Nuggets 74-76(81)
Denver Nuggets 74-76(81) 2nd
Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets Jersey 1987

Denver Nuggets 81-93
Denver Nuggets 81-93
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