History of Yamaha Logo

The Origins of the Yamaha Brand

The YAMAHA brand has its roots in the name of our founder, Torakusu Yamaha. Familiar with western science and technology from his youth, Yamaha initially found employment repairing medical equipment. This led to a request to repair a organ, a project that resulted in the birth of the Yamaha brand. Confident of the potential of his business, Yamaha struggled against great odds to establish Yamaha Organ Works. Entrepreneurial spirit, far-sightedness, and determination to overcome difficulties fueled his passion to succeed. This same spirit formed the foundation of the Yamaha brand, and is a vital legacy of Yamaha Corporation today.

The Tuning Fork Mark

The three tuning forks of the Yamaha logo mark represent the cooperative relationship that links the three pillars of our business -- technology, production, and sales. They also evoke the robust vitality that has forged a reputation for sound and music the world over, a territory indicated by the enclosing circle. The mark also symbolizes the three essential musical elements: melody, harmony, and rhythm.

The phoenix clutches a tuning fork in the mark designated for the newly established Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.

A trademark application featuring the tuning fork mark and Yamaha Veneer logo

Widely used in newspaper advertising and catalogs

A trademark application for Yamaha Organ

A trademark application for Yamaha Piano

A trademark application for tuning forks alone

A trademark application for musical instruments

A trademark application for musical instruments

Used for motorcycles

Introduction of standardized logo; current alternate version designated as 'reverse format'

Reverse format of 1967 designated as standard format

Used on corporate flags, etc.

Current designated standard versions and alternate versions of tuning fork mark

The Yamaha Logo Mark

The Yamaha logo mark, combining the Yamaha logo and the tuning fork mark, was adopted in 1967, coinciding with the introduction of the standardized tuning fork mark. Used in various forms over the years, the current Yamaha logo mark was designated in 1998.

Designated Yamaha logo mark

Yamaha logo mark updated, with simple line-art type designated as standard format

Company name changed to Yamaha Corporation to mark 100th anniversary of the firm.The tuning fork is deleted, to emphasize the Yamaha name

Designated standard and alternate versions of the current Yamaha logo mark

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