University of New Brunswick Logo History

Our new logo, has been derived from the crest, which has been a symbol of UNB for almost 50 years.We treasure the crest. It will continue to be an emblem of the University for official and ceremonial applications within our new image program.

So why a new logo?
We are all proud of our University, its people, accomplishments, and reputation.But, quite frankly, the excellence and quality of UNB is not well enough known, at home or abroad. One way to make a strong impression is to have a truly distinctive symbol that simply,clearly, and powerfully identifies the many outstanding things originating from, belonging to, or associated with the University of New Brunswick. Over time Ñ with consistent, coherent, repeated use Ñ we expect people inside and outside the institution will immediately recognize UNB excellence whenever and wherever they see our logo.

What does it mean?
UNBÕs new identity is a symbolic representation of some basic, simple ideas that we think capture the UNB experience: a moving adventure in knowledge and life experience that is full of surprises; a Maritime heritage rich in quality and tradition.

The basics: The new identity is composed of two key elements (A and B):ÔUNBÕ and the ÔsailÕ. Great care has gone into the relationship between
these elements.

Campus Designations: UNB is a tale of two cities Ñ two unique experiences joined by a common goal. Our image and identity program acknowledges the individuality of each campus and the combined organization that is UNB. In the past, the letters UNB have often been used to refer to the Fredericton campus, while UNBSJ has commonly been used to denote the Saint John campus.

The Crest: There is an important place for history in the story of UNB.Our crest is an excellent representation of that history. However, our vision is firmly focused on the future and for that reason the crest is to be used selectively for formal, official, and ceremonial purposes. Wherever possible, it is best to keep the crest separate from the logo. For instance, the crest may appear on the back of the publication.

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