Lufthansa Logo History

Lasting design

The crane in the change of time

Otto Firle creates the stylised crane. His design is intended to accentuate both flying and technical skills. It is still the Lufthansa logo, although its form changes down the years.

The "new postwar Lufthansa" marks its re-emergence in the airline business with LUFTHANSA in capitals on the fuselage, and the blue crane on a yellow parabola.

The crane now in a small circle on a yellow background. The aircraft are given a blue stripe at window height, and a metallic belly.

Since 1988
Lufthansa aircraft have been painted in resplendent white, with a grey belly. The new livery denotes clarity, simplicity, and positive attributes like safety and reliability.

A corrugated sheet design and rounded forms are the principal elements of the Lufthansa brand. In lounges, at the check-in and in the cabin, these are "retro-futuristic" reminders of Lufthansa in the infancy of aviation.

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