Kenvelo Logo History

The start-up of the brand

Kenvelo is an international company with the fastest expansion of all sportswear brands in central Europe. It's history started in 1989. The brand stategy is a continual change and that is why a new item appears in Kenvelo shops almost every day. Kenvelo clothes and accessories remain at a constantly affordable price level. Kenvelo operates 270 shops in 19 countries in the world. In Slovakia, Kenvelo runs 37 shops. Kenvelo carries on also showrooms in Great Britain, Poland, Australia, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro.

Kenvelo new collection is launched twice a year and it reflects the latest fashion trends of the respective season: collection spring/summer a collection fall/winter. Basic Kenvelo collection is constantly enriched by new elements. Today you can find for example: skiing outfits, underwear or socks in Kenvelo shops. In the future we plan to widen the assortment of Kenvelo Kids shops in accessories like: bags, watches and bijou.

Evolution of the brand, its first steps to fame
One of the brand founders came to Prague in 1989 and set up a company named Himi´s jeans. Kenvelo (it means yes “ken” and “ve” no “lo”) existed then as a jeans line within Himi´s jeans. Kenvelo line grew gradually and included more sportswear: shirts, sweaters, etc.

Foundation of the company
Name: Himi´s jeans

Catchword: none
Logo: yes
Communication: adds on the trams, no other

Prints advertising started when new shops were opened.

Brand change to Kenvelo
Name: Kenvelo
Catchword: none
Logo: yes
Communication: no rebranding, only change of the name on the shops and indoor rebranding

Catchword: Kenvelo anywhere
Logo: Kenvelo anywhere

since 2002
Active marketing campaigns and other communication channels

Kenvelo Fashion Café opened on Obchodna street in Bratislava

Kenvelo was the official dress maker for the Olympic team at the XXVIII. Olympic games in Athens in 2004. Kenvelo was appointed as the winner by the Slovak Olympic Board to provide the Olympic team not only with the offical smart clothes for the ceremonies but also casual wear for leisure time activities.

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