Pepsi Logo History

History Of The Pepsi-Cola Logo
The Pepsi logo has made a remarkable evolution over the years into the three-dimensional globe against an ice blue background that's become synonymous with Pepsi products. Check out a recap of the Pepsi logo over the years.

Pepsi-Cola Logo Timeline

1998: In celebration of the company's centennial, Pepsi unveils a new look – a three-dimensional globe against an ice blue background, which becomes a universal symbol for one Pepsi family – poised for innovation and world leadership as it enters the new millennium.

1991: To foster the earlier scripted logo's sense of movement, "Pepsi," now in italic capital typeface, is removed from a smaller blue and red Pepsi swirl and runs vertically up the package.

1973: The logo evolves into a boxed look with minor typeface changes occurring throughout the decade.

1965: The "Bottle Cap" look is replaced with two bulls-eye swish marks surrounding "Pepsi."

1962: A "serrated" bottle cap logo debuts, accompanying the brand's groundbreaking "Pepsi Generation" ad campaign.

1943: The logo incorporates a "bottle cap" look. The bottle cap logo includes the tag, "Bigger Drink, Better Taste." In 1958, the Pepsi swirl bottle bows with the "Be Sociable" advertising campaign.

1941: To support the war effort, the Pepsi bottle crown colors change to red, white and blue.

1940: New CEO Walter Mack adopts standardized embossed 12-oz. bottle, which debuts with the "Pepsi-Cola" label blown and baked into the glass.

1933: After giant candy company Loft, Inc. buys the company in 1931, Pepsi-Cola sells for 10 cents in a 12-ounce bottle instead of the standard six-ounce package size. The tagline "Refreshing & Healthful" is added to the Pepsi bottle logo. When the price of a "twelve full ounce" bottle is slashed to 5 cents, the tagline is dropped.

1906: Modified script logo is created along with the slogan, "The Original Pure Food Drink."

1903: The Pepsi-Cola trademark is registered.

1898: New Bern, N.C., pharmacist Caleb Bradham renames "Brad's Drink," his carbonated fountain cola concoction, Pepsi-Cola.
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