Tchibo History

Max heart and 1949 the Tchibo created Carl Tchilling Hiryan GmbH. The label name Tchibo developed from the name Tchilling and the word Beans. The two founders had the idea to dispatch coffee by post office. Max heart led the enterprise up to its death in the year 1965.

To 13. October 1955 opened the first Tchibo branch in Hamburg, in that the customers that Coffee before the purchase to try could. The branch network grew in the future fast and expanded since the entire Federal Republic at that time. Starting from 1963 Tchibo arranged in Baker's shops and Confectioneries so-called „fresh depots “. Here it concerned shelves, which - optically emphasized - were set up in the shops and offered in those the Tchibo Kaffeesorten.

After the death of its father heart resumed the company starting from 1965 Günter. Since the 1950er-Jahren coffee was sold with Tchibo in containers. Since coffee applied in this time as luxury property, Tchibo decided, to arrange the packing accordingly high-quality and sold it first in cloths and later in orange doses. Due to a BGH resolution in the year 1973 it was no longer possible for Tchibo, with the sales of coffee other products like e.g. To add flavour doses or example books. Thus decided the enterprise, available articles to sell instead. The idea to sell consumer articles was born. Under the slogan „each week a new world “offers its customer a weekly changing assortment at consumer articles of mode and decoration over sports articles, Wohnaccessoires, kitchen products and entertainment electronics to Tchibo.

Tchibo acquired 1974 a minority participation at that Beiersdorf Co. AG and 1980 the participation of the majority at that Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH. By these syndicate operations the Tchibo AG reached a higher Diversification. 1988 changed itself „Tchibo fresh roasting coffee AG“in „Tchibo Getting thing AG“over and the coffee business arranged into the again-created hundred percent daughter „Tchibo fresh roasting coffee GmbH “ out. Starting from 1991 the foreign business of the Tchibo became getting thing AG of the likewise again created daughter „Tchibo international“completed.

In the subsequent years Tchibo expanded abroad, in particular in Eastern Europe. 1994 became those „Tchibo Café service “ as independent subsidiary company for the supply separated of catering trade and office customers. An own dispatch („Tchibo Direct“) and a travel enterprise („Tchibo journeys“) two years followed later. Tchibo took over 1997 with that Eduscho- Group of firms a competitor.

2001 took over Ludger Staby the executive committee presidency of the Tchibo getting thing AG von Günter heart and increased the participation in the Beiersdorf Co. AG.[1] In the following year Tchibo sold its participation to the Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH to those Imperially Tobacco Group PLC. 2003 bought Tchibo of that Alliance AG their 44-Prozent-Anteil at Beiersdorf Co. The coffee company over-bid thereby the Beiersdorf Co. competitor Procter & Gamble, which had likewise ordered on the alliance portions. This was welcomed of Hamburg politicians, who the sales of the successful of Hamburg enterprises Beiersdorf Co. feared and with the purchase had supported Tchibo. Since 2003 Tchibo with that works Royal bank OF Scotland with the assignment of Credits together, and since 2004 Tchibo offers insurance in the context of a co-operation with that Asstel Group of insurance on. Beyond that become in the branches since 2004 also over a co-operation also O2 Portable radio products offered.

In April 2007 Tchibo communicated that the self-mark TCM turned out under pressure is adjusted. TCM is to be taken completely from the assortment and be replaced by special marks for individual categories of commodities, like e.g. with the Y-3, Adidas- and MCM- Designers Michael Michalsky developed self-mark Mitch&Company. TCM will have to be found further on the products as quality seals.

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