Hoechst Logo History

This logo is representative of the end of the year 1999, after the merger of Rhone Poulenc in Aventis and now, more recently, after the later merger with Sanofi, to become the Sanofi Aventis company. The first Logo (not shown here) depicts a lion laying down, holding in its right paw a coat of arms with the initials MLB, which stands for "Masters Lucius & Bruening" - the original owners and founders of the company. In 1947 the company introduced a more circular icon (not shown here) that depicts a tower and a bridge. This logo was designed to show that the company was steeped in history. It was created by famous designer Peter Behrens for the most part, with some consultation from others involved with the business. In 1951, the logo was revisited again and, while retaining the logo in its purest form, the tower was relocated to the left side of the image (shown here) and the bridge inclined upwards to the right of the circle. A further alteration occurred in 1960, as it was felt that a simple, thin round circle did not highlight the logo enough, and so at this time the surrounding box was added. The final and most recent change came in 1997, when the logo became far more abstract with a simple blue typeface of the name of the business, followed by a single blue square in the upper right corner of the logo. It was felt that this logo was far more representative of the bold and confident statements that the company wanted to make in relating to quality standards, innovation, progression and growth, as opposed to the unconventional and often misleading image projected in the previous iterations.
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