King County Council Logo History

King County unveils new logo

At a county media event , members of the King County Council, Governor Christine Gregoire, and County Executive Ron Sims unveiled a new proposed logo for the largest municipal government in the state of Washington.

The new logo features a likeness of legendary civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If approved, it would replace the old logo of a crown surrounded by a circle which is currently in use. The new logo would be phased in over a multi-year period.

UPDATE: The logo was unanimously approved by the county council. More information on a couple questions skeptics have asked:

Because the new logo honoring the memory of Dr. King is an original graphic image that will be used only for official King County government purposes, the county is not paying a fee to the estate of the slain civil rights leader. Transition to the new logo will take place over five years in order to keep costs minimal. Current supplies of materials with the gold crown logo will be used up before new supplies are ordered with the new logo. The new logo will be applied to new vehicles and equipment as they are purchased. Some signage and electronic templates that involve minimal costs will be changed over within the next few months.

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