Nascar History

NASCAR is an acronym and it stands for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. NASCAR was founded in 1948 by William France and Ed Otto. These two men realized that people enjoyed watching car races and that there was need to standardize the racing industry. Their idea was to attract more racers and to make the races equal for all the drivers. The thought was an excellent one because more racers meant an increase in the number of fans who would be willing to pay to watch their favorite drivers.

In the initial years cars racing at NASCAR were stock cars. Stock cars are those cars that are exactly as the manufacturers release them. These cars have had no modifications or changes. However, when accidents started happening, it was agreed to allow modifications to ensure safety and before long there were modifications to increase speed, handling and many others.

Many people who were interested in this type of racing starting creating cars that were exclusively for NASCAR racing. These cars had all the modifications that were allowed by NASCAR. These cars resembled the stocks cars in body only.

Many companies realized the advertising opportunity NASCAR racing gave them. This started the trend of full time drivers, promoters and pit crew. The earliest companies to use the advertising advantage were mostly car manufacturers but the 1970s saw other companies entering the fray to sponsor racers.

NASCAR has several car racing circuits and some of the large events are televised. The number of fans that follow the sport is huge and has accorded star status to many NASCAR drivers. These drivers invariably make a living through racing and endorsing products and companies.

Once William France retired, his two sons, Bill Jr and Jim, assumed control of NASCAR. Bill Jr set the standard by which all motor sports are measured today.

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