Maple Leaf Logo History

The Maple Leaf brand first appeared in 1898.

Over the years, it has come to represent quality and freshness to generations of Canadians. As the company evolved, so did our brand identity.

In 1959, two new logos were developed, one for the dairy business with the dominant "leaf" logo, and another for the meat business, which combined the "CP" for Canada Packers with a smaller leaf to link the company name with its leading Maple Leaf brand.

In 1975, the company reverted back to one brand identity and updated the logo to give it a more modern look for the times

Following the merger of Maple Leaf Mills and Canada Packers, extensive research was done to develop a logo for the newly combined company, Maple Leaf Foods. Research indicated that consumers associated Maple Leaf's made-in-Canada goodness with the name and the colour red. A revised logo featuring a dominant leaf was well received by consumers who said it conveyed a strong Canadian identity.

The current Maple Leaf Foods brand identity was introduced in the spring of 1999. The company had gone through several years of intense change and had emerged a more vibrant, dynamic leading-edge company than ever before. The new logo embraced the strengths of the previous logo - the Maple Leaf and the familiar red and blue corporate colours - but placed them in a more visually dynamic setting that better represented the company entering the year 2000.

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