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ACCA, the world's largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body has today (17 May) unveiled its new logo. The change forms the final part of a whole new brand identity, which has been developed following a year of consultation with members, students and other stakeholders around the world.

Revealed publicly for the first time at ACCA's AGM, the bolder new logo, which is designed to enhance ACCA's distinct image in the profession, will be used from September this year. Implementation will be phased to manage costs: the mark will be introduced to systems and materials on renewal or reprint.

ACCA worked alongside leading global brand design agency Fitch to produce its overall new brand identity at a total cost of £85,000. This investment has also delivered ACCA's new global website, global launch materials for the new ACCA Qualification, and a new look including colour palette, imagery and typography.

Neil Stevenson, ACCA marketing director said: 'ACCA has always been an innovator, particularly when it comes to brand identity. As a unique global brand in the profession, our identity has to be distinctive and robust enough to transcend cultures and country borders and we are confident that we have achieved this. The new logo is a clear evolution on the former version, which was first introduced in 1988, and is representative of ACCA's confidence in its standing today.'

The new logo is designed to be easier to reproduce than the current version and remains readable at a smaller size. It also works well across all media - from newsprint to the Internet.

While the logotype has also been centred to avoid the risk of the logo being cropped, and will now only appear in red or black, it does keep its square proportions.

'The square has become a recognisable feature of our logo since its introduction in 2000 and we are keen to benefit from the investment made in ACCA's global brand in recent years. Furthermore, cost was always a major concern - particularly the sometimes overlooked cost of implementation. We have contained these costs by keeping the proportions of the logo the same, something that makes application throughout our IT systems more straightforward.

'We are also introducing the logo gradually over the next year both to avoid reprinting costs and to support members and other stakeholders in adopting the change. This is especially important given the wide range of organisations which use the ACCA logo in 170 countries, including public practice firms, ACCA global accountancy partnerships, universities and colleges, publishers of ACCA text books and employers of our students and members,' said Neil Stevenson.

'ACCA was among the first professional accountancy bodies to introduce a global brand identity at the same time as it was the first body to make international accounting standards central to its professional qualification. We are delighted to have developed the next phase of our identity, which we hope will continue to underpin our global reach, relevance and reputation as we introduced the new ACCA Qualification,' he added.

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