Canon History

Canon is a multi-national camera, printers, photocopier and other digital imaging company founded in 1937. The head quarters are located in Tokyo, Japan but Canon products are sold all over the world. Founded by Takeshi Matarai, Goro Toshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda is now one of the leading names in image technology.

Canon operated under the name “Kwanon” for the first ten years of operation. During this time they produced the first 35 mm focal plane shutter camera and an indirect X-ray camera which was a first on the Japanese market. They changed their name to Canon Camera Co Inc in 1947 and then late simply to Canon Inc. During the first thirty years, Canon moved into the camcorder, television broadcasting and calculator world using their “zoom lens” technology. In 1976 Canon produced the world’s fist embedded micro computer camera, the AE-1 and then, in 1985 revolutionized the printing world with the world’s first Inkjet Printers using Bubble Jet technology.

They continued to create new cameras and other product designs including the E0S 5, the fist camera with eye controlled auto focus and the IXUS, a pocket sized camera with Advanced Photo System technology. In 1997 Canon entered the digital video camcorder world.

In the last ten years Canon has continued to introduce digital compact and SLR products including printers, camera, photo copiers and digital multi functional devices for the home and the office. They hold over 2000 patents in the US and continue to pave the way for new digital imaging technology.

Canon currently operates on a global scale and has headquarters in the America, Middle East, African, Japan, Asia and Oceania. Their main European Headquarters include Canon Europa NV in the Netherlands and Canon Europe Ltd in London. They participate in several global events and sponsor the Paris Fashion Week, WWF, The Red Cross, UEFA Europe Football, Formula 1, the PGA Tour and amateur photo contests all over the world.

Canon has three main types of digital imaging available: laser printers, digital cameras, photocopiers and scanners. Their laser printers include Canon LBP-SX, Canon LBP-LX and Canon LBP-PX and they are considered the pioneers in print engines.

Canon has been creating digital cameras since 1984 and some of their best selling products include the Canon Power Shot, the Canon Digital IXUS and the Canon EOS, among many others. Canon remains a leading name in digital cameras.

Canon also makes scanners for home computers, flatbed scanners, film scanners and document scanners. Two popular scanners include the CanoScan 8800F and the CanoScan LiDE 700F.

However, Canon’s products are not only used around the home and the office. They are also used in medical, optical and broadcast products to help with x-rays, scanners, filming and broadcast lenses.

The outlook for Canon is very bright. They are working on a better environmental option for digital imaging and have just launched their first product into the Commercial Digital Press market. They are working on a series of next generation technology devices using OLED displays, robot system server technologies and nanotechnology systems.

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