Boston Bruins Logo History


When, in the mid 1800s, Oliver Wendell Holmes called the State House in Boston, “the hub of the solar system,” he couldn’t have known how long-lasting the nickname would prove to be.

The elements here remain true to the long-lasting story that is the Boston Bruins. The B-spoke uses a centered more evenly placed B, creating a strong unified look amongst the spokes. The widening and openness of the B increases its legibility. The contrast of the black outlines combined with a white interior add to the strength of the logo. The angled serifs and cut corners on the B are found within the custom nameplate font and the Vintage Crest.

Each tweak and adjustment to the Bruins B-spoke is made for legibility, modernization and enhancement of a historic team and an icon of Boston.


The driving force behind this lies deep within the fabric of the enduring legacy of the Boston Bruins. As one of the Original Six teams, their immense heritage and winning tradition reaches back to the very genesis of professional hockey.

The Bruins’ retro crest today is immediately recognized by all as a symbol of immeasurable strength, both on and off the ice. The image
of the ‘Great Bruin,’ in complete control of his territory, serves as a stark warning to all who would challenge his supremacy.

The Boston Professional Hockey Club (BPHC) mark premiered on the Bruins first jerseys in 1924 during the Original Six years.

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