Saks Fifth Avenue Logo History

After three years of planning, the new Saks Fifth Avenue logo was officially unveiled in January. You may have already seen the transformation on our bags, in our windows, in the newspaper...just about everywhere. “The updated logo gives us a modern, streamlined look that is sure to resonate with our customers,” said Steve Sadove, CEO , Saks Fifth Avenue.

Developed in collaboration with Michael Bierut, partner at the international design studio Pentagram Design, Inc., the refined mark pays homage to Saks Fifth Avenue's classic script logotypes and the modern geometry of the perfect square. “Our initial point of departure was the ornate calligraphy logo created for us by design legend Massimo Vignelli in 1973,” explained Terron Schaefer, Group Senior Vice President, Creative and Marketing,Saks Fifth Avenue. “The idea was to create an enduring logo for the future by drawing upon the rich heritage of Saks Fifth Avenue.”

The Pattern
Our signature graphic was developed to complement the freshly minted logo. It features scrambled sections of the logo itself, creating a tableau representative of the consistency and variety of Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Possibilities
You’ll be seeing the new look on our shopping bags and boxes, in our advertising and in products from top designers.

The Saks Fifth Avenue logo has plenty of history behind it, including the 1973 version upon which the current logo is based.

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