Allianz Logo History

The logo's history goes back as far as the 1920s

Allianz to simplify its brand strategy

The Allianz Group will simplify its brand strategy from 2006. The Allianz Group logo, primarily designed to appeal to the capital markets, will be replaced by the Allianz word-picture logo. Michael Maskus, Group Head of Global Marketing, was interviewed about the future of the company's brands. News: What has prompted Allianz to take such a decision?
Maskus: We have decided that from 2006 at the latest we will replace our Allianz Group logo with our Allianz logo, a word-picture brand, on a worldwide scale.

Our primary aim in concentrating on this logo is to strengthen our worldwide flagship brand and to safeguard its high brand value. At the same time, we want to carefully streamline our worldwide brand portfolio.

How will this affect the Allianz brand?
Maskus: Experience has shown that it is the Allianz logo which our clients basically know and recognize. As far as they are concerned, our name is simply "Allianz".

By strengthening the brand value of this logo, we will create an easily comprehensible, direct and familiar link to our business areas in all relevant markets, for all clients. Not only that, but the Allianz logo will continue a history stretching back as far as the 1920s.

Does this mean that in 2006 other brands will disappear from the Allianz Group?
Maskus: This decision only affects the use of the Allianz Group logo, which will no longer be used as of 2006. However, in the last few years we have been carrying out detailed analysis of the value of all the large brands in our group, as a result of which 40 brands have already been replaced by the Allianz brand in the last four years.

Where local brands have remained, this is because our clients perceive that they have a high brand value. This is true for Dresdner Bank in Germany, for example, and also for our brands in France and Italy, among others.

If you look at the marketing literature of two companies in the Allianz Group, you will see that the new logo is already in use. Dresdner Bank is using it in its new marketing campaign "Neue Dresdner Plus" and since our asset management arm changed its name to Allianz Global Investors in October, it has also been using the Allianz logo to show that it belongs to the Allianz Group.

In various Asian markets, on the other hand, we have either replaced local brands with the Allianz logo or introduced a combined brand identity, because there in particular we have discovered that a large international brand like Allianz has a high perceived value for the client.

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