Bugatti Logo History

Milan-born Ettore Bugatti worked for other companies like Mathis and Deutz before he decided to open his own car company in France (Strasbourg). Looking back in Bugattiâ's history, the earlier cards were called types. One Bugatti creation was the Type 30 made with 8 cylinders. That was in 1922. Two years later, the type 35 came out which were developed into two versions: 35A and 35B. The sports models followed (four-cylinder type 40 and eight-cylinder type 45), as well as the Royales. The Bugatti cars are best described as exclusive and fast, but the Bugatti brand was in peril when the Second World War broke out. Ettore's son, Jean, also died, fuelling the financial troubles of the family. It made its last car in the 1950s before Volkswagen Group took over and turned the company into an airplane parts manufacturer. Ettore Bugatti's father was an artist and jewellery designer so this artistic bent was reflected in the way the cars were made and in their corporate logo. Engine blocks were said to be scraped so no gasket was required; the safety wires looked like lace patterns. This probably explains the red dots in the Bugatti logo. Or did the older Bugatti see his son's cars as fine jewel pieces? The small dots that surround the Bugatti name are in stark contrast with the solid white letters with two strong background colours: black and red. In fact the Bugatti company said that the combination of elegance and technology are reflected in the oval frame dotted with 60 small pearls and the stylised initials of Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti cars were winners on the race tracks of the world. One model, type 35, had more than 2,000 victories. The Bugatti cars hugged the limelight for five consecutive years (1925-1930) in the Targa Florio, but the most glorious win was in the Le Mans race where drivers Jean-Pierre Wimille and Pierre Veyron stole the race with the little they had. The totality of Bugatti brands were incorporated into the Bugatti the EB 16.4 Veyron Pur Sang introduced in 2005 where the cars carbon body and aluminum stand out. But the corporate logo design is supposed to convey the message that Bugatti goes beyond engineering and technology, it speaks of the automotive pioneering spirit with eloquence.
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