AEG Logo History

When Peter Behrens (1868-1940) became the Artistic Director of the business in 1907, it heralded a new dawn of product devices and a new day in marketing and advertising. Within a very short space of time, Behrens began to formulate and implement a new standardised appearance for the branding that was associated with the products across a variety of media including letterheads, packaging, posters and folders. Further on in his career, Behrens also set out the style for a whole range of infrastructure and company assets, including but not limited to manufacturing and production facilities, sales showrooms, the residences of workers and also continued on with his commitment to branding across catalogues and product price lists amongst other things. During his employment with AEG right up until 1914, Behrens became a leader in branding and marketing industrial consumables for the mass market like never before. The sheer numbers of new and innovative products made it economical for the average person to purchase and for the company to produce at an economic and affordable price. In line with the constantly changing nature of the business, the initial hexagonal form of the logo design was also temporary and only lasted until 1908.
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