Seiko History

The history of Seiko is fascinating and dates back to 1881. The original name was called "K. Hattori"; it was a watch and jewellery company, in Tokyo, Japan. In 1917, the company became incorporated and named, "K. Hattori and Company Limited. In 1892, they added clocks to their inventory under a different name, called Seikosha.

In 1969, Seiko came out with the Astron Quartz watch. This was the first quartz watch ever made. Seiko set the standards for revolutionizing the development of advanced watch, and clock making. Seiko has been innovative in the development of several other types of state-of-the-art watches, and clocks. Their success rate is unmeasured, and the trend continues even today. In 1983, the company changed names again, and called, "Hattori Seiko Company Limited. In 1990, the company changed the name to, "Seiko Corporation", and the last name change took place in 2001, when it was renamed, "Seiko Holding Corporation".
Seiko has two watch making studios with a total of 240 specially trained craftsmen, which includes 19 master craftsmen.

The Seiko Brand
The Seiko watch brand makes a variety of different types of watches, from everyday watches, to sports watches, to the more elite, and elegant watches for evening wear, or special occasions. These watches are all extremely well made and can last an eternity. Purchasing this brand of watch is well worth any amount of money a consumer chooses to spend. Seiko brand watches range in price from fifty dollars to five hundred thousand fifty five dollars. The most expensive Seiko watch is the Credor JURI GBBX998, it sells for $554,000. The least expensive Seiko watch is the Alba; it sells for around $45.00.

Seiko Watches for Women
The top Seiko women's Watches are: Seiko Coutura Women's Watch SXD691, Pink-mother-of-pearl face and diamonds, Seiko Coutura Women SXD692, Mother-of-pearl face and diamonds, Seiko Women's SUK008 Diamond Accented Coutura, Seiko Women's SXDA38 Coutura Diamond Watch, and Seiko Women's SXGN25 Coutura Diamond Watch. These are just a few of the fabulous women's watches that Seiko carries.

Seiko Watches for Men
The top Seiko Men's Watches are: Seiko Sportura Alarm Chronograph Men's Watch SNA549, Seiko Sportura Retrograde Chronograph Men's Watch SPC003, Seiko Sportura Kinetic Men's Chrono Watch SNL043P2, Seiko "Black Monster" 200m Automatic Dive Watch SKX779K1, and Seiko "Orange Monster" Automatic Dive Watch SKX781K1. It doesn't stop here; there are many more watches to choose from.

Seiko watches have been around for over one hundred years, and during that time, they continue to make some of the best quality watches in the world. Over the years, they have always pushed the envelope, when it comes to what can be achieved, through constant research and hard work. Seiko watches are synonymous with quality, style, affordability, and durability. These watches never go out of style, and are often great conversation pieces, because of their outstanding attractiveness. All the time and effort put into the craftsmanship of these very exquisite and elegant watches was well worth it. Look for the Seiko brand when seeking one the best watches made worldwide.

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