ZEON Logo History

Corporation was founded as the first full-scale manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride resin in Japan, with capital and technology support from BF Goodrich Chemicals of the United States. Upon our founding, we adopted BF Goodrich's “Geon” trademark for a polyvinyl chloride resin as our corporate name. The word “Geon” is a compound of two Greek words: “Geo,” which refers to the “Earth,” and “eon,” which refers to "eternity.” It represents “eternal prosperity with materials supplied by the Earth." “ZEON" has been the company name since BF Goodrich Chemicals withdrew capital support.

About the Z logo

The logo utilizes the Z of ZEON and expresses our corporate philosophy as defined by the statement, “ZEON contributes to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of humankind.”

The upper and lower blue horizontal belts represent the sky and the Earth, respectively, while the gently curved green line uniting them symbolizes infinite progress and the company's determination to contribute positively to society.

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