LPGA Association History

The Ladies Professional Golf Association, or LPGA, is an organization of female golf professionals with offices in Daytona Beach, Florida. It is known for running the LPGA Golf Tour, however over the years it has become much more.

The LPGA was officially founded in 1950 by 13 female golf professionals. While prize money at today’s tournaments is large, in the beginning the ladies played for little or no prize money. In 1952, there were only 21 tournaments, but the ladies persevered. By 1959, prize money had grown to $200,000 for the year. In the early 1960s, the tour started to gain acceptance, and equipment manufacturers began to help with the promotion of the tour. By the close of the 60s, the prize money had grown and the number of tournaments had grown to 34. In the 70s, the tour made the move from a player run tour to a business when they hired their first commissioner. By the end of the 70s, the total prize money had surpassed $4 million. The tour has grown to a record, in 2008, of 36 events internationally, with prize money in excess of $58 million. The LPGA has also formed the Futures tour to help female pros earn their way onto the LPGA tour.

The LPGA also has a division started in the 50s: the LPGA Teaching and Club Pro, which has the largest membership of any women’s sports organization. Over the years, the LPGA and LPGA T&CP have supported, among other things, junior golf programs, scholarships and other financial programs through the LPGA Foundation.

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