Prosoft Brand History

Professional Software Engineering, Inc. (PROSOFT) began its operations in 1984 from the kitchen and dining room tables of our founders Paul Wong and Michael Adolphi.

Two Electrical Engineering graduates from Virginia Tech just a couple of years out of college. They first meet one another when they both went to work for Naval Sea Combat Systems Engineering Station (SEABAT) in Norfolk, VA, straight out of college.

At SEABAT, Paul started in radar, and then transferred to the sonar department where he spent time on a submarine in Scotland and Pearl Harbor. Mike, also working in the sonar department, was tasked to set up a computer facility from the ground up for the Command-wide automation initiative. The initiative was based on the Digital Equipment VAX mini computer and included the design and development of large database systems.

In 1984, Paul and Mike saw great potential in the proliferation of personal computers. They decided to capitalize on their computer knowledge and in August of 1984, Professional Software Engineering, Inc., trading as PROSOFT, was incorporated. They then bought their very first personal computer, the original IBM XT. Armed with the most advanced technology (albeit that was back in the dark ages of personal computers!), Paul and Mike set out to conquer the world of information systems. Working in their spare time, they experimented and developed application software to automate a lawyer's office. They not only had fun, but they gained business experience as well.

PROSOFT's big break came in the summer of 1985 when they were awarded two subcontracts providing software engineering and database support for NAVSEA and the National Security Agency.

At this time, Paul and Mike left their full-time Civil Service jobs and devoted all their energies to PROSOFT. They were also able to hire two full time programmers (also Virginia Tech graduates-was this a coincidence or an employment prerequisite?). Assured of steady work for the next couple of years; PROSOFT, in 1986, moved into its first home office on Greenwich Road in Virginia Beach. Those early years were referred to as the "folding-table-folding-chair days!"

PROSOFT quickly earned a distinctive reputation for its top-quality solutions, exceptional customer support, and its ability to Get It Done.

Over time, as information technology (IT) and associated engineering issues and concerns began moving to the forefront in both Government and commercial arenas, satisfied clients naturally looked to PROSOFT for creative, high-tech solutions to their evolving IT challenges.

In 1986, Paul and Mike learned about the Small Business Administration's 8(a) program, which assists minority-owned businesses in receiving Government contracts on a sole-source, set-aside basis. Paul initiated the application process for 8(a) certification. In the meantime, Paul and Mike recruited Arthur Riddell as Director of Business Development to expand the marketing effort. PROSOFT was awarded 8(a) certification in March of 1987.

With little corporate experience and only a handful of employees, PROSOFT set out on a bold, marketing campaign. Combing the countless federal buildings and attending endless meetings with potential customers; Paul, Mike, and Art spent many long-hour days in Washington, D.C. Their persistence, determination, and dedication paid off in January of 1988 when PROSOFT was awarded its very first 8(a) contract in support of the Social Security Administration. Growth continued in 1988 with the first multi-year, multimillion-dollar SEABAT contract, a large Local Area Network contract from the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at Fort Eustis, and the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Coupon System contract.

Paul and Mike later embarked upon a new initiative and established the PROSOFT Training Institute in the summer of 1989.

Through the efforts of Arthur Riddell, the next big break came in the summer of 1990 when PROSOFT received contract work from the Mine Warfare Engineering Activity in Yorktown. To better serve its clients on the Peninsula, PROSOFT opened its first operating field office in Newport News. In 1991, PROSOFT was awarded the Collective Training, Instrumentation and Engagement Systems (CTIES) and the COMDAC contracts. With the CTIES contract, in support of TRADOC at Fort Eustis, PROSOFT broadened its business horizons to include Army Combat Training and Analysis services. The USCG Command, Control and Display (COMDAC) contract, in support of the U.S. Coast Guard, broadened PROSOFT's experience to include Tactical Data Systems. Business continued to grow well into 1992 with new contract awards including TDAD, Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Center (NAVELEX).

When asked about the remarkable growth and success that PROSOFT has experienced, Paul and Mike attribute it to"...IT'S THE PEOPLE. They are the ones out there, putting the needs of the customer at the forefront, making sure our customers' needs are met." They continued, with enthusiasm, "As we continue to expand and mature as a progressive organization, we want to cultivate a management philosophy that is built on the aim of ecstatic employees and ecstatic customers. That may sound somewhat idealistic, but think about it: when the employees are happy to come to work, delighted to collaborate with their team members on their respective contracts, and enthusiastic about continually developing themselves as professional PROSOFTers, it's inevitable that the customers will feel that we are not only accommodating their needs but, are in fact, anticipating and exceeding their expectations." Paul and Mike speak with the utmost of confidence about PROSOFT as an organization that is built on the premise of basic quality characteristics: it is customer-driven, inspired by supportive leadership who empower their employees to make a difference, and continually improving upon processes and programs that impact both internal and external customers.

"Everywhere we go, we hear about PROSOFT's great reputation, one that we should be proud of," boasts Mike. "We certainly appreciate the compliment and we wish we could take credit for it; but the credit goes to all those who work at PROSOFT, particularly those who work directly with the customers. Paul and I only provide them with what we hope is a pleasant working environment and the resources they need to do their work! We are very proud of everyone at PROSOFT and aspire to help cultivate a career path for all."

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