Expedia History

In the year 1996, Microsoft launched an online travel booking site, called Expedia, which brought about a radical change in booking travel reservations. After three years, the online travel agency was released by Microsoft due to the fact that maintaining travel deals was not one of Microsoft's specialties. Other brand in the current day Expedia, Inc. portfolio has independently deepened their roots and began their respective courses of improvement.

It was during the onset of the new millennium that Expedia began its expansion to become and remain to be the world's leading online travel agency. In the year 2001, the company took possession of a number of other travel companies and expanded its scope of travel. The subsequent year, the IAC (InterActiveCorp) secured Expedia and ever since, has assisted it to grow as a travel company under it's' surveillance. During their time with IAC, Expedia has gained a valuable relationship with the parent company's travel partners. And in a good time of three years, IAC formally released its travel businesses under the name Expedia, Inc., which has become a parent company to a global portfolio of leading consumer brands.

Employing a mixture of 8,000 full-time and part-time employees across an international network of brands, Expedia also has an inclusion of 1,920 employees from eLong, Inc., which is their Chinese associate. In huge quantities, the responsibilities of these people all range from quality control and customer service, to securing the best selection of travel deals anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, Expedia has deployed a number of their employees to the company's hotel and travel partners across the globe to ensure that the information they get is confirmed first hand and that the company's valued relationships with their associate dealers is maintained and strengthened.

The company website offers a variety of the best travel options and provides online coupons that give consumers the ability to get discounts on these deals. Whenever a customer applies for deals using an Expedia coupon, they can get a purchase fee discount that ranges from 20%, up to 50% off. Expedia's website also has a Last Minute Deals web page wherein travel deals that have almost reached their expiration date will be put up on sale with a 30% discount. Such deals are very suitable for individuals with a flexible schedule and those who are on a budget.

In addition, a page dedicated to help in the process of research, planning and booking travel deals is made available for consumers to use. For example, those interested in getting into a flight can read airline seat reviews about those that are available in that particular flight and pick one that would best suit them. The option to add activities in a booked trip is also available for customers that do not have an idea on what they could expect from their destination.

Coupons for Expedia are not easy to find though. Some customers have claimed to have bought these coupons from a different website. Find Savings, which is an online bargain-hunting website, gathers deals from products such as jewelry, electronics, food and drink, pets, office supplies, automotive, apparel, computer hardware and a host of other goods and services. The bottom point for this is that browsing search engines and websites connected with Expedia can be helpful in searching for discount coupons.

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