Dr Oetker History

Dr. Oetker is a family owned food business that has been creating high quality foods since 1891 and is regarded as one of the leading companies in the German food industry and across the world.Now with its 4th generation of family ownership and based in Bielefeld in Northern Germany ,Dr. Oetker manufactures and distributes a diverse range of food stuffs to over 40 countries around the world.

The Dr. Oetker business was named after Dr. August Oetker. Originally a pharmacist Dr. August Oetker created Germany's first baking powder, known as Backin.This was seen as a true innovation for those who loved to bake because it delivered true convenience and guaranteed perfect results every time.

In 1899 the Dr. Oetker name was trade-marked leading to the creation of the Dr. Oetker brand.Built upon a reputation of innovators and high quality during the first part of the 20th Century the Dr. Oetker baking range was expanded both inside and outside of Germany leading to the opening in 1908 of an office in Baden near Vienna in Austria.

In 1918, Dr. August Oetker, the founder passed away leading to the succession of his son-in-law Dr. Richard Kaselowsky.Dr. Kaselowsky further expanded the business internationally establishing subsidiaries in France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Italy during 1920-1930.

The period of most rapid international expansion and diversification out of core baking products was initiated by the next generation of owner.Rudolf-August Oetker, grandson of the founder took over management of the company in 1944 and further expanded the business.More subsidiaries were established in Europe and overseas and new food areas were grown into built upon Dr. Oetker's reputation for quality and innovation.In 1970 the first frozen pizza was launched in Germany, in 1978 Crème Fraiche was launched.

From 1991, new organisations and subsidiaries were formed in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.In 2002, Dr. Oetker formed a subsidiary in the United Kingdom and in 2004 entered into the Republic of Ireland.

By the time Rudolf-August Oetker had passed over the running to the latest andcurrent head of the business Dr. August Oetker,his son and great grand-son of the original Dr. August Oetker , Dr. Oetker the business was operating in many food groups across frozen, chilled and dry grocery sectors. Recent acquisitions include the purchase of the Onken brand in 2004, the Unilever frozen pizza and snacks business across Europe and in 2006 the Supercook cake decorating business. In 2007 and 2008 Dr. Oetker opended offices in China, India, Argentinia and the USA.

Today the Dr. Oetker brand can be seen internationally within baking powders, baking mixes, dessert mixes, cereals, conserves, frozen pizza, frozen pizza snacks, yogurts and chilled desserts and in some countries with national specialities such as savoury snacks and teas.

Source: http://www.oetker.co.za/Company_History.asp
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