ELLIS Logo History

The evolved logo represents the old and the new, with emphasis on a more modern look and visualizing a step forward into the future with continued innovation and quality. One principal goal in implementing a new corporate identity system: is to "...stamp all products made by the company with the same corporate symbol so customers will know they are buying an Ellis Paint product."

The purpose of this logo evolution is to focus on being able to "speak with one voice", and enhance and evolve an existing image through a new concept. The typography we chose for the ELLIS name, (Garamond), was chosen for several reasons. Its solid, stable, beautiful, readable design that has made it a mainstay for over 400 years. Garamond has been adapted through all the new technologies of the recent past, has never gone out of style, but has never been so trendy as to make you gag to look at it. Kind of like our company.

The colors used in the new logo are similar to the 'old' Ellis Paint 'rainbow' logo and represent a continuation of the previous logo design.

The logo icon represents a leap into another era, thinking forward and the beginning of a new chapter for Ellis Paint Company. We do not see this as the end of one era and the start of a new, but as part of a continuous evolution and effort to serve our customers, employees, the community and the environment with high-quality and compliant products and services.

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