Why Have Prepared This Site ?

Why I'm going against the logo?
Why have prepared this site?
Since I was a child I have attention to logos ... This quality was inherited from my family or I do not know already. When I was 8-10 we establishes the business locations, car factories etc. with my friends my and determines the names and logos of businesses. In this ages Nike’s logo was my favorite  ... This reflected to all my logos…All my logos seemed Nike’s logo and orange.

My interest in the size of the logos for the following years took the passion. As my drawing was not so good but I have lots of amateur works to establish new logos. At this point, it still came up with amateur behavior I am studying the development of the world history of all the logos. We histories logos, brands, images of current businesses, is on at this period to reflect the aim to share my passion a little ...
I hope you reach your desired information on my site…
Our Request: We think that useful informations are given to you in this website,If you think as we,please write comment.

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