La Liga League History

Since the 1950’s Spanish Soccer league is popularly known as La Liga. This league has been actively performing for over eighty years now. It was founded by the director of Arenas Club De Getxo, by name Mr. Jose Maria Acha. The idea was proposed in the year 1927. There were a lot of hiccups in the formation of La Liga, but the league came past all that, and stood as professional lobe of ten teams taking part. Most of these teams have won the preceding Spanish Cup and Copa del Ray the leagues which were in form, before the birth of Spanish Soccer League or La Liga. The first La Liga tournament was conducted in the year 1928.

Over the years, as La Liga started gaining popularity more and more teams were added to it. At present there are twenty teams. Most successful of them are the Real Madrid team having won thirty one titles till date, next comes Barcelona who have won eighteen titles, followed by Atletico Madrid with nine titles and finally Atletico Bilbao with eight titles.

The league was put on hold in between due to the Spanish civil battle. Later when La Liga resumed its operation after the battle, three more teams joined. They were the Atletico Aviacion, Sevilla FC and Valencia CF. These three teams outperformed the Barcelona and Madrid teams. With the entry of these three teams, the performance of previous champions went through rough times.

As per the rules of La Liga, there were a lot of restrictions for foreign player to pitch in. As per the guidelines of the Spanish Federation, a club could consist of not more than three foreign players. An exception to this is the Barcelona and the Real Madrid team, who managed for find a way out of this rule.

Some of the foreign players who glorified soccer were Frenec Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano who belonged to the Real Madrid squad and Ladislao Kubala who played for Barcelona. With these legends in their squad, it was the dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid, till the 1956 when this dominance was disrupted by Atletico Bilbao.

It was almost like a monopoly, as either of these two teams that is Real Madrid or Barcelona used to win the title. Between the era of 1961 to 1990, Madrid has won the title nineteen times. When Johan Cyruff came into FC Barcelona as the manager, everything turned around the table. He created the dream team that would speak in the books of Spanish Soccer. Players such as, Txiki Beguiristain, Michael Laudrup, Pep Guardiola, Ronald Koeman, Goikeotxea and Hristo Stoichkov, took Barcelona great heights and reached the pinnacle by winning the European cup inthe year 1992.

La Liga is considered as one of the strongest leagues till date. They have produced the best of the players be it their own or foreigners. Barcelona and Real Madrid have proven to be the toughest teams of the league in the history of soccer, closely followed by Argentina and Brazil. Enjoying La Liga season is great for betting because it adds up so much to the already exciting games.

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