Lexus History

In the spring of 1983 the Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda determined that the time was right for Toyota to produce a luxury vehicle. Eiji was absolute that this new automobile would be the finest luxury car in the world, offering comfort, elegance, dignity, speed, safety, and beauty. This vision for an ultimate automobile also had to be accompanied by unmatched levels of customer service that greatly surpassed the expectations of current luxury car market.

The LS 400 which was the first Lexus flagship saw itself introduced to the world in the fall of 1989. This vehicle set a new standard for luxury cars around the world. Since that historic launch, Lexus introduced the ES, GS, SC, and IS. In the succeeding years, Lexus unveiled the LX, GX and RX luxury utility vehicles. Lexus who has always been a leader in technology later launched the luxury RX Hybrid, GS Hybrid and LS Hybrid, as well as the high-performance IS F sedan.

With a complete line of automobiles that are unsurpassed in their classes, and a philosophy of superior customer service. Lexus will continue to forge ahead pursuing perfection to set new precedents, and carry out the legacy first established by the vision of Eiji Toyoda some 30 years ago.

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