Pink Floyd History

Pink Floyd History reveals the growth and development of the "psychedelic rock band" from the year of 1965 to this date. Pink Floyd History brings to light the philosophical theories about the nature of both social and political realities. Philosophical realities are both mysterious and fundamental. The mesh of two stark diametrical ideas makes Pink

Floyd History all the more intriguing. Pink Floyd History uncovers the unaddressed issues of the society.

Pink Floyd is recognized for its experimental and innovation sound compositions. Formed by the best of the industry Pink Floyd matured as a progressive rock band of the 1960s. David Gilmour, Nick Masson and Richard Wright form the contemporary band of Pink Floyd. Previously, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett and Bob Klose were too under the aegis of Pink Floyd. In Pink Floyd, Barrett was the lead guitarist; Waters was on bass guitar, Mason on drums and Wright on keyboards. Pink Floyd created their own pathway by composing albums like "The Dark Side of the Moon", "Meddle", "Obscure by Clouds", "Wish you were Here", "Division Bell" and "The Wall". Pink Floyd History can be classified under five separate chapters: first, "Syd Barrett era", second being the "breakthrough era" from 1971 to 1975, third, "Roger Waters' era" fourthly "David Gilmour era" and lastly the era that continues till date which commenced from the year of 1995.

The Syd Barrrett era constituted of obscure lyrics delineating their dreams, their visualizations or obscurity of their thoughts. It is in his time Pink Floyd came to be known as "acid folk rock" band. Syd could not continue for long due to his unpredictable in take of drugs. The decline of Syd, unplugged the kernel of the band. It took them few years to get back their right chords. With the release of "The Dark side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd History took a novel turn. They went on painting new chronicle in the music industry. Pink Floyd numbers such as, "Speak to me", "Money", "Wish you were Here", "Another Brick on the Wall", "High Hopes" and many more. No words, no phrase can confine the visions of Pink Floyd. They have addressed every issue with precision and exactness.

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