Beymen History

In the late 60's,the younger generation representative of the Boyner Family, where textiles was a two hundred year old family tradition, set out to offer brand new products and put his stamp on the clothing industry. His goal was to realise what did not yet exist in Turkey. He therefore started preparations for moving into the ready to wear industry.

Following lengthy research, Osman Boyner sowed the first seeds of Beymen in collaboration with his fashion designer friend Kerim Kerimol and Italian fashion house owner Silvano Corsini. The first store where Beymen garments were sold under the Beymen label was opened in Şişli, Istanbul. Following the huge interest in the men’s collection, the women’s collection and later, in 1985, the Beymen Club collection, bringing a breath of fresh air to casual wear, were added.

By July 2005, Beymen became a leader in Turkey in its field. Beymen presently serves 2.5 million customers annually with 33 stores on premises covering 34,000 m2. Combining the power of creative thinking with superior quality, Beymen offers hundreds of world brands along with its own collection to its customers under the same roof.

In 1992, Beymen launched the “Academia New Talent Contest”, with a view to introducing new names to the Turkish fashion world and providing opportunities for young people. The collections of 25 designers who received awards in the contests organised in five consecutive years were put on sale at the Academia stands in Beymen stores signed by their creators. Designers like İdil Tarzi, Yeşim Chambrey, Alev Ciliv and Arzu Kaprol introduced to the public through Beymen’s Academia have each become a ‘brand’ in their own right.

One other first of a kind Beymen initiative launched in Turkey was the “Megastore”. Opening its first store with this concept in Ankara, Beymen took a bold step in early 1994 and opened a 5,200 square metre ‘megastore’ in Istanbul, Etiler, Akmerkez. This was followed by “megastores” Başkent Beymen, Mersin Beymen and Suadiye Beymen “megastores” whereby a store concept competing at world standards was launched.

With its Istanbul-Nişantaşı store it opened on 12 November 2003, Beymen introduced the “exclusive retail” concept to Turkey. This was a ‘first of a kind’ initiative spreading on 7 floors on 3,500 square metres with 93 employees. Beymen opened the “Brasserie” restaurant on the ground floor of this store. The restaurant soon became the trendiest meeting and life centre of Istanbulites.

With its 4,700 square metre store that was opened at Istinye Park on 19 September 2007, Beymen introduced more than 40 brands making their first appearance in the Turkish market as well as the world’s renowned brands. Serving with 145 employees between 10.00-22.00 including Sundays, Beymen IstinyePark became a “trendsetter” in store management.

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