San Antonio Spurs History

The San Antonio Spurs were not originally from San Antonio. They had relocated to San Antonio in 1973. The Spurs were also not involved with the NBA until 1976. The Spurs dominated five of the six seasons they played in the NBA. In 1983, the Spurs saw their success and achievements fall as they watched coach Stan Albeck leave to take up a coaching job for the Nets. The Spurs had a record of 37-45 and most people began to question, "Is this the end of the Spurs"?

In 1985, the Spurs picked up a new coach named Cotton Fitzsimmons. Cotton Fitzsimmons shrunk the losing record and helped put the Spurs back on track. 1989 was the exact year in which the Spurs began their trek from worst to first. The Spurs fought hard and long until 1996 when they received center Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan helped the team win multiple titles and he also received two back to back MVP awards. Along with Tim Duncan, guard Tony Parker helped the Spurs win many games.

According to the ESPN poll, the Spurs became the number one franchise in all of sports. Many analysis also agreed that the Spurs were the most important franchise in the NBA. The Spurs continued to dominate on the court winning the hearts of thousands of fans. The Spurs have the top winning percentage of almost all NBA teams. Currently coached by Gregg Popovich, The Spurs lead the western conference with the record of 48-10.

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